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When designed well, brochures are not only captivating to the reader but are also versatile – allowing you to promote anything from a fundraising event to a bike repair shop.
NOTE: The fee is for one side only.

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Brochures play an important role in promoting your brand, as well as the products and services you sell. A unique brochure will leave a fantastic first impression. A generic brochure will be forgotten in a few minutes.
If the brochure is intended for the mass giveaway at an exhibition, the focus will be on grabbing the customer’s attention with great visuals and a punchy tagline on the front page. This kind of brochure is a ‘taster’ of what the company offers and the objective is to get the reader to contact the company for more information. For this, a tri-fold (where the printed sheet is folded in three) will be more than adequate.

If the brochure is a sales tool for one-on-one discussions with clients, a corporate presentation folder would fit the bill. These branded folders are created to hold loose one page inserts which are printed with information likely to change, such as prices and product details. The main folder can last a lifetime and the individual inserts can be reprinted as and when required.

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