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"Why a Web Designer can change your life?"

Well... if you initiate a business and want clients is obvious that the best way is to have a very good and attractive website. Isn't it?

People is calling every day asking the same question and I always say this analogy: "This is like if I go the a car dealer and ask to the seller How much for a car?" It depends. Right?
There is two ways to know the answer:

  • A) It depends what you need the website includes.
  • B) It depends how much money do you want to invest.

  • Because remember, you need to be very conscious that this is an investment


    Your website will be your sells person.

    This "guy" could show, teach, explain or even sell meanwhile you are sleeping. But take this page as a sample. To avoid mental calculations on each call I just added a "Project Estimator". Yeah, probably my competitors can take advantage an low their prices.
    Do I care? Not at ALL!!! I know my job and I prefer honesty before anything.


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