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Character for promotional cover

Technique used : 3D Studio Design,Vray, Adobe Photoshop..

3D Character girl for day care poster.

Software : 3DS Max Design, Vray, Adobe Photoshop..

3D Character for brochure.

Technique used : 3DS Max Design, Vray, DAZ Studio, Adobe Photoshop..


3D character creator in Miami

Industrial design is the most popular field that uses 3D character models to representing the projects to the clients. In media and event industries, 3D modelling is used in Stage/Set Design. Contact us today and let us know your project to send a free quotation.

How to use a 3D character?

Many times you what to create an advertising or video that include a background with people, or just to show a perfect beautiful face but you don’t want to hire a model. Other use is for example you need a monster, beast or other fantasy creature for an ad. That is why a 3D character is very useful.  There are several modern programs that allow for the creation of virtual human models.

3D Clothing

Software such as 3DS Max and DAZ studio, has enabled artists and fashion designers to model dynamic 3D clothing on the computer. Dynamic 3D clothing is used for virtual fashion catalogs, dressing 3D characters for video games,  as well as for making clothes for avatars.

How to take advantage

Industries like films, animation and gaming, interior designing and architecture are using 3D characters. They do it because is less expensive that to take pictures of real people. In conclusion our characters can be used in banners, architecture visualizations, animated videos and advertising. We speak English and Spanish.

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